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TimberFever® 2024 will take place in Toronto from September 13 to 15. Architecture and Engineering students will compete in teams with the assistance of professional mentors to design the best solution for this year’s competition brief.

Participants: Who is Eligible?

TimberFever is open to architecture and civil engineering university students earning a BArchSc, BAS, B.Arch, BSc, BASc, B.Eng, or equivalent degree. Students must be entering at least the second year of their undergraduate program.

If you’re not in either of these programs and you would still like to get involved, we would love to have you join as one of our volunteers!

5 Things to Know About TimberFever:

  1. No preparation is required. An introductory tutorial will be held prior to the event.

  2. Each year, the organizers of TimberFever choose a theme and provide a design brief for the teams. The design brief remains secret and is released on the first day of the competition.

  3. TimberFever organizers place participants into teams, you apply as an individual and teams are balanced with equal numbers of architecture and engineering students. It’s important that you fill the application carefully so we know your skill level and program.

  4. TimberFever will provide professional mentors who work with the team to help guide them. These are practicing architects and engineers.

  5. The finished designs will be judged in the days following the competition by professional architects and engineers. Each team member will be required to participate in a presentation to the judges. At the same time, the designs will also be on display for two weeks in the TimberFever virtual village which will allow online voting by you, your friends, and the public. An online awards ceremony will conclude the event and prizes will be awarded.
Event Info


Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

University students from both Architecture and Civil Engineering programs collaborate, and bring ideas to life. By bringing both disciplines together, they can draw from each others’ strengths and create truly unique solutions.

Industry Professional Mentors

Practicing architects and engineers are invited as mentors to provide assistance and guidance for each team’s design during the competition: A perfect opportunity for participants to grow their network and practice their professional communication skills.

Hands-On Learning

Teams are given a design brief and limited time. Participants will be able to apply the knowledge they have learned from school and push creative limits.


TimberFever would not be possible without your help! Thanks to everyone who has volunteered at TimberFever over the years!


Cash Prizes

1st Place Winner

2nd Place Winner

3rd Place Winner

People’s Choice Award