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About Us



TimberFever® is a design-build competition presented by Moses Structural Engineers. We bring architecture and civil engineering students from universities across Canada together to build a life-size structure out of wood.

Our mission is to create collaboration between students of architecture and engineering, while developing design, construction and communication skills that will be invaluable to their future careers.

TimberFever was inspired by the Defi Cecobois competition held annually by Cecobois in Quebec. Nous vous remercions, Cecobois, de nous inspirer!

“We are passionate about
designing and building with
wood, and we want to share all
the positive attributes of this
wonderful material with the
next generation of designers.”

– David Moses

Moses Structural Engineers


Moses Structural Engineers is an award winning structural engineering firm providing custom design work using wood, steel, concrete, masonry and a variety of other materials. They are pioneers in new types of construction methods and designed the first five CLT buildings in Ontario.

In 2014 TD Place Stadium in Lansdowne Park received the “Institutional-Commercial Wood Design Award” from Ontario Wood WORKS! The Grotto Sauna received several awards including the 2014 “Ontario Wood Award” from Ontario Wood WORKS! It was also the “Popular Choice Winner” in the 2015 Architizer A+ Awards.

Through research, development and education, Moses Structural Engineers strives to elevate the quality of design and innovation in the field, and has become an industry leader by doing so. Moses Structural Engineers has partnerships with major Canadian universities and research institutions. Its latest collaboration is the TimberFever Design-Build Challenge with Toronto Metropolitan University. The competition first took place in 2015, and due to an overwhelming response, we have turned this into an annual competition and expanded to include other universities across Canada.

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Founding Co-Chairs


Abhishek Wagle
Founding Co-Chair, Alumni

Abhishek got involved in TimberFever in 2014 when he was approached by David Moses and prof. Hitesh Doshi at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). Abhishek was vital in developing the grassroots logistics of TimberFever alongside Nick Milani, as well as garnering interest in the idea and funding from the Architectural Society, the TMU chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the Engineering Faculty Dean’s office, and TMU. Abhishek is very excited to see each new year’s development of TimberFever.

Participant Testimonials

“Now I know I can cut something by hand, that’s what I’m taking away from this.”

– N.N., Student Participant, Architectural Science

“Helping to plan TimberFever was a great experience. I connected with other students and industry professionals, and now I’m really looking forward to seeing all the designs that participants will come up with!”

– A.Y., Student Volunteer, Architectural Science